Motion simulation platforms for VR.

Found this to be very fascinating. These simulation platforms apparently also come configured for air/space craft cockpits (Stick & Rudder etc). I could see this really adding a visceral level of immersion to a game like Star Citizen (of which I am a backer) . As shared by Road To VR Atomic Motion Systems latest rig is now compatable with the Oculus dev kit (not to be confused with the eventual Retail encarnation).


My biggest issue with this tech in general is that it does not account for folks who get motion sick easily. When I first started tinkering and experimenting with various available experiences on my Rift I got extremely motion sick. I’m terrible on things like Roller coasters and boats that like to ride 10ft+ waves (long story). After a few weeks of use I barely feel sick now and it takes hours before I finally notice something. I’m curious if my experience with the Rift has helped my overall pre-disposition towards motion sickness.